BIOGAS#INTENSIV 5-7 Juli 2017, Wolpertshausen

5-7th July 2017
Basic Training Safety according to TRGS 529

This comprehensive training provides you with in- depth knowledge and skills on the current state ofthe fields of hazardous substances and authorizations in combination with occupationalhealthandsafety.

With this course, you fulfill the legally prescribed qualification for the national standard TRGS 529,which stipulates that the at least two responsible persons per system have a 'basic training on plant safety' of 14 teaching units of 45 min. To be completed. This one-time basic training can be updated with a one-day refreshing course every 4 years.

The certificate to be acquired entitles the user to take part in DVGW G-1030 (A). This training is necessary for plants that are within the scope of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG).
This course is ideal for:
+ Plant operators and staff
+ Manufacturers and service providers
+ Municipal and municipal employees

Fees per participant:
€ 530.-plus 19% VAT
For online registration
In the 2.5-day course you willlearn to understand safety regulations and to assess possible sources of danger correctly. They receive tried-and-tested procedures from the current practice and are familiarized with the measures for protection.The course is based on practical experience and offers every participant extensive exchange with experts and like-minded students.

The course is concluded with a written knowledge of the subject (Multiple Quoice questions), and if successful, thequalification certificate.
Course Program Overview
(Short-term program changes reserved)

Modularsystem security Basic price
+ Legal framework for legal plant operation
+ Safe handling of additives and auxiliaries (according to TRGS 529)
+ Security tools from an agricultural perspective
+ Water requirements
+ Occupational health and safety: laws, regulations, directives
+ Explosion protection and test practice in tests
+ Hazard assessment: practical exercises
+ Re-commissioning after refurbishment
+ Fire protection and damage management
+ Summary of all training content
+ Written proof of knowledge

The course package includes:
  • Folder with all training materials, thematically organized
  • 2 x lunch in local restaurants
  • confirmation of participation
  • Drinks and snacks / fruit during all spa days
  • Written proof of knowledge
  • Certificate of qualification
  • PDF with presentations, instructions, data sheets by email after the event
Not included:
  • nights
  • getting there
Location Hallerstraße 27 (Bürgerhaus), 74549 Wolpertshausen, DE
Progamm flyer in detail, including list for overnight stays and terms as PDF download
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