IBBK's tasks and goals

Our priority is to promote and support the development of biogas and to provide an efficient application for a sustainable futureLatest research and applicability are the cornerstones of our work. We are facing this challenge both in the cradle of biogas development in Germany and worldwide.

We focus on daily practice and our worldwide network of experts . We are happy to share two decades of experience with you and our members.Take advantage of our unprecedented practice-oriented training, independent consultation and the results of our international research projects.

IBBK history

The name IBBK stands for 'International Biogas and Bioenergy Competence Center'.
2000   The IBBK Biogas Group was founded by Dipl. Agrarian Michael Köttner, the former head and co-founder of the 'Fachverband Biogas.e.V' (1991 – 2000).
Based on the already long-standing biogas experience of Michael Köttner, IBBK's main activity was in consultancy, where his expertise was applied to feasibility studies and research projects. 

2001    The non-profit association FnBB (association for sustainable biogas and bioenergy use) was affiliated to the IBBK. The task of the association is to support the IBBK in the field of charitable projects and lobbying.

2004    The demand for training for the young biogas industry grew rapidly. National, and from 2009, international training courses were developed and offered.

2012    IBBK Biogas GmbH, and other well-known and established training providers in the field of renewable energies, joined the 'Schulungsverbund BIOGAS'. 

2015    The state of Land Baden-Württemberg and EU ELER   commissioned the IBBK to provide independent advice to biogas operators on planned and existing biogas plants. This advice is subsidised by the EU at 50%.

The current training courses have been advanced on the three levels of demand:
Established = Biogas #UPGRADE | Aspiring = Biogas #HANDS ON | Emerging = Biogas #TRAINING
In addition to the feasibility studies, the independent consultations for planned and existing facilities, according to the consulting mandate of the State of Baden-Württemberg, are increasingly offered today.
The second pillar is the EU-funded research projects, which are being carried out in partnership with universities and organisations in Europe.

IBBK team

Michael Köttner
Graduate Agrarian
Managing Director
and Head of:
expert opinions, domestic and foreign projects, studies
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Achim Kaiser
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Environmental protection (soil, water, waste)
Project management for:
company training, domestic projects, meetings, profitability calculations
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Katrin Kayser
Dipl.-Ing. Environmental and process engineering
Project management for:
Domestic and foreign projects, studies, trainings
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Tristan Gruszkos
MSC environmental engineer
Project management for: international projects, international conferences studies
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Jenny Aragundy-Kaiser
Graduate Engineer, MSC
project assistant for:
Domestic and foreign projects, conferences
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Christian Fraesdorff
responsible for: Accounting, project accounting, IT
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Gloria Trombin
MSC environmental engineer
project assistant for:
Domestic and foreign projects, studies
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IBBK in figures

  • In the period from 2004 –2016, a total of 1.800 participants participated in the biogas training offered by us.
  • Since 2009, English-language courses in Germany and abroad as well as study tours, have been offered, with almost 600 participants.
  • International IBBK training courses took place in 28 countries.
  • In scientific cooperation, the IBBK has worked with over 30 universities and research institutes on more than 40 projects .
  • Since its inception, the IBBK has produced over 130 feasibility studies .
  • The four IBBK international conferences were attended by more than 1.200 participants .

Have any requests, or suggestions? Please let us know, we care.

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