BIOGAS#HANDS ON 20-22 June 2017, UK

20.-22. June 2017 3-Day In-depth Course, Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland
Mit speziellem Fokus auf Bioabfallvergärung und Gasaufbereitung zur Einspeisung ins Erdgasnetz.

This 3 day in-depth course will provide you with practical hands on knowledge. You will learn to master today's plant operation challenges with skill.

The course includes three intensive training days and a lab session,  showcasing the specifics of the biochemical processes of AD, as well as a visit to a local AD plant and meeting the operators. 

You’ll get the distilled experience of 20 years of international biogas knowledge, presented from the most skilled instructors, sharing their many years of practical training in the field. A limited number of participants will guarantee a very close and personal experience with the lecturers, enabling you to take away real hands-on skills.

Course fee per person: € 1290.-
REA full members: € 1050.-

The BIOGAS#HANDS ON in-depth course is ideal for:
  • Plant operators & staff
  • Farmers planning to operate an AD facility
  • Government officials engaged with AD
  • Academic institutions
  • Investors
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This  course, tailored to the specific requirements in the UK industry, benefits from IBBKs 20 years of experience up to the newest developments in AD. This course provides an insight  into new substrates and procedures for a successful future of biogas plant operations. The small groups will provide ample time to network with fellow participants and get in a lot of Q&A with the instructors. The instructors are long time experienced and their practical background provides in-depth knowledge.
The lab session is dedicated to practical digester biology, providing you with in-depth knowledge about the specific biological processes in your plant. Our instructors will explain the outset of a new or revised plant and the challenges of digesting Nitrogen-rich and fibrous feedstock. You will learn about process control and optimisation measures, covering the inhibitors and additives. Additionally an interactive session in the laboratory will familiarize you with the testing procedures during operation, useful devices for plant monitoring as well as prudent methods for record keeping.  All exercises are related to practice.
Program Topics 
(Programme may be subject to change)

Training course:
• Overview of the Biogas industry in Europe and UK and its future development
• New substrates and their pretreatment for future biogas plants
• Choosing the right substrate and combining it for the optimal digestion input
• Process control and process optimisation
• How to digest fibrous and N-rich feedstocks
• Process requirements for the mono-digestion of chicken manure
• Start-up phase and practical measures for monitoring the digestion process
• Practical experiences from operating a biowaste and food waste plant
• Measurement for process optimisation, stabilisation and enhancement of the biogas process

Lab session + plant visit
• Necessary laboratory tests
• Practical interpretation of operating modes using examples from practice
• Record keeping
• Testing parameters during operation
• Practical devices for plant monitoring
• Field trip to a biogas plant

The Course-Package will include:
• 3 day training course incl. laboratory
•  visit to an AD plant
• Seminar documentation with Slides of the training lectures (CD)
• Documentation + PDF of the visited plant(s)
• 3 x Lunch and beverages
• Beverages and snacks at coffee breaks during the course
• certification of participation
will not include
• Travel to course and plant
• Accommodation
• Beverages and meals beyond 
online course registration here
The location of the Training course BIOGAS#UPGRADE is at the University Of Abertay, 40 Bell Street Dundee Dundee DD11, Scotland
All information including PROGRAM itinerary you will find here for download.
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